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Ontario based payroll services — taking the stress out of payroll, so you can focus on growing your business.

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about meed

Meed is a friendly, hands on payroll company committed to offering personalized payroll solutions. We ensure that all your payroll needs are met accurately and on time.

Meed was founded in late 2016, we're certified by the Canadian Payroll Association, and our aim is to bridge the gap in payroll service offerings thoughout Ontario.

Meed works with both corporate clients and small businesses, we understand every business faces unique challenges.

Meed’s primary goal is to offer a personalized approach to payroll services adhering to all government legislated requirements, so that you can focus your time on growing your business.

consulting meed does both payroll and

consulting meed does both payroll and

Meed does both Payroll and Consulting

Payroll consultants offer a wide variety of services depending on your businesses specific needs.

An outsourced payroll consultant provides insight into your business and an informative critical eye, one with experience and knowledge of best practices through working with multiple clients and seeing what works. Outsourcing payroll allows you to focus on growing your business.

What we can do for you

We offer so much more than what is listed here. We would like to work with you to accomplish your goals. Let us know if you need anything that you don’t find in these lists.

  1. Meed offers a fully personalized solution to each client
  2. We will simplify your payroll needs
  3. We maintain confidentially and professionalism with clients
  4. Meed aspires to function just like another trusted employee
  5. We can help you set up an efficient payroll system
  6. Meed is up to date with changing legislations and government requirements

Services we offer

  1. Full cycle payroll with paystubs
  2. Any and all government paperwork
  3. Handle staff changes
  4. Record of employments
  5. Holiday, vacation entitlements, benefits, sick leave
  6. Employee Government remittances
  7. Statutory and non-statutory deductions
  8. Monthly Reports
  9. Year End Reporting (T4’s, WSIB, EHT & more)

Pick and choose services to meet your needs. No two businesses run the same, and meed understands that.

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Working directly with a payroll consultant will give you the peace of mind knowing that all legislative requirements are being met and you are CRA compliant. You will have time to put your energy into what matters most—growing your business.

We work with your preferred software provider.

We offer free consultations to understand what your payroll needs are. We will create a competitively priced personalized payroll package based on the services your business needs and the number of employees you have.

All monthly and annual reports will be customized to your payroll requirements. Reports may include, total gross and net income amounts, employer/employee Canada Pension Plan requirements, employer/employee employment insurance requirements, total income tax amounts, Workers Safety Insurance Board amounts and employer health tax amounts based on your province or territory of origin.

Yes! As a professionally trained Payroll Compliance Practitioner we are qualified to work with any business throughout Canada. We adhere to all legislative requirements for your Province or Territory.